Service-to-Service Authentication on the Cloud

Overview Service-to-Service authentication over the cloud is probably one of most common authentication scenarios that are required. A service calling another service could be within the same domain boundary, e.g. a micro service calling another micro service or could be across the domain if the service is calling another service outside its own boundary. Essentially,… Continue reading Service-to-Service Authentication on the Cloud

OAuth 2.0 and OpenId With Azure Azure Active Directory (AAD)

Overview of OAuth 2.0 The OAuth 2.0 protocol is an open standard for delegated authorization scenarios. The term delegation in here means the user lets an application access its data in it its behalf. The OAuth 2.0 protocol is widely accepted to provide capabilities to Web API to make authorization decisions, without requiring for the… Continue reading OAuth 2.0 and OpenId With Azure Azure Active Directory (AAD)