Why do we need TLS 1.3?

A Brief History of TLS TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a protocol that provides secure communication at the application layer of the OSI Network Model. It essentially provides three main functions – confidentiality, repudiation and data integrity between two parties communicating over the internet. It has two parts – (a) the record protocol which provides… Continue reading Why do we need TLS 1.3?

Managing Secrets for your Service in the Cloud

Application in the cloud ranges from a simple single page application to complex applications running complex logics across multiple boundaries and geographic regions. Irrespective of what kind they are, they must deal with secrets. Managing secrets is usually hard, especially when the application needs to be compliant, and the application has a big user base,… Continue reading Managing Secrets for your Service in the Cloud

Asymmetric Encryption in your .Net Application

For almost all applications in the cloud, there are times when the developer needs to write some code to perform encryption. Most of the scenarios can be fulfilled with a symmetric key encryption, but the key management becomes harder when the encryption and the decryption are across multiple security boundaries. The best options in such a… Continue reading Asymmetric Encryption in your .Net Application